Year 2030: Ryuan S.Jhun tweets "EXO comeback is close!"
Year 2043: EXO change their hairstyle. Maybe now they will have a comeback?
Year 2056: SM announces Chanyeol's pheonix death. Comeback is moved.
Year 2067: Korean fans hear EXO practicing their new song. Maybe this is a sign of comeback?
Year 2070: Kai dances a new move on MAMA awards. Comeback?
Year 3333: Unicorn is still alive
Year 3632: Gay marriage is legalized in Korea. Comeback is moved because of EXO couples getting married
Year 4499: Luhan gives birth to six children. Comeback moved.
Year 5024: Sehun finds out he's not the dad. investigation starts.
Year 12564: Luhan's kids are now EXO-J (junior). They debut with song "Papa"